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 PostĂ© : 18-05-2018 08:04
●Product Introduction
RF6312 marine cylinder oil package use the best quality additives and it is developed according to advanced marine oil technology formula from the domestic and foreign. The product not only has excellent acid neutralization capacity and dispersity, wear resistance and oxidation stability, but also have excellent demulsibility, detergency, anti foam, anti emulsifying properties. Can meet the requirements for the special condition of marine cylinder oil. Practice has proved that the protective effect for marine cylinder is very notable and lasting.
●Recommended Dosage
Marine Cylinder OilTreating rate(mass%)
RF631240 TBN 5040 TBN 65 50 TBN 700
●Product Quality Characteristics & Test Method
Item Typical ValueTest Method
AppearanceBrown viscous liquidVisual Inspection
Kinematic Viscosity,( 100℃) mm2/s190 ASTM D445
Flash Point(COC),℃≼200ASTM D92
Density( 20℃),kg/m3980 ASTM D4052
Ca Content, m%12.2ASTM D4951
Total Base Number, mgKOH/g324ASTM D2896
●Product Storage/Handling/Transportation/Package
During storage, loading/unloading and blending,the maximum temperature should not exceed 75℃.If storage for long time, the maximum temperature should not exceed 45℃.
It is not flammable, not explosive, not corrosive, in the items of safety, environment protection, use, ect., it is same as normal petroleum product, with no special protection.
Product package: The product is packed with 200 litre iron drum or according to user's requirement. Specific weight of delivery is subject to the actual filling weight.
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